Melanie Velasquez – Titanium Fitness

Client Since 2012:

Starting a business takes a methodical approach. My background was finance and accounting. Understanding a return on investment is crucial for any business. Our chosen industry was full of competitors, big box gyms and talent. We needed to separate ourselves and enter the market with a polished professional brand. Tiffany Avery was part of the initial business plan and listened to our vision, hopes, goals and plan. After several meetings she started with a logo and branding plan to help make our mark.


She continued to be a valued partner and took our initial mobile boot camp program to an indoor facility, growing our client base from 40 to 647. We increased revenue by 4X with a positive Net income starting after year 1.


Having a marketing and advertising partner is crucial for any business. Presenting your product and service is a first impression. She always advised me on how to present new programs, challenges, cross sell incentives for referrals, and working with our community to be a local brand consumers would support and trust.


Tiffany has a creative genius approach but truly knows the importance of profitability and what risks will have a return. We grew organically with a minimal budget and realized with a strong website, and using the tools Tiffany advised our business use, grew and allowed our company to reinvest in our business.


More than ever your brand and business reputation is crucial. We could not have had such amazing successes and special moments as an entrepreneur without our partnership with Tiffany. I will be forever grateful for her commitment and passion for my business.